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9:29, nine minutes twenty nine seconds is what it took to kill George Floyd and the man to killed him has been found guilty.  A considerable percentage of the American population must have breathed a collective sigh of relief at the verdict.  Would the verdict have been the same if Trump had still been President?
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I wonder about that myself. I hope it would be. Although, I do think that if Trump were still president, and the verdict was the same, there would be riots against the guilty verdict.
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Frankly, I doubt that the president would have much effect in the outcome.

I have been quite surprised at what some people have said as a result of the verdict on social media, surprised in a bad way that is. It's that whole, if they didn't resist arrest they would still be alive and sure, that might be true in some cases but not all of the. I feel like some people, white people let's be honest, have no idea what it is like to have a gun pointed at you at a traffic stop because your tail light was out. It's like, did you actually see the videos of what happened to George Floyd or Philando Castile (and many others)? It's not about whether someone committed a crime, it's not about "resisting arrest."
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