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Bi-Curious need advice
I'm looking for some advice.
I am a Marine and i am about to go on a deployment somewhere dangerous. I have been bi-curious for a while but never experimented being gay, or at least bi. I figure if i might not come back from over seas I want to experiment before i leave. Putting it bluntly i want to try gay sex. What would be the best way to go about doing that? I was thinking about going to a gay bar and meeting some people with the goal of going home with someone. Is this a good idea? If not what should i do? I only have like a week left sooo . . . ya. Any response is appreciated.

Thanks, Bicurious.
first try gay porn, you'll discover ALOT there, lmfao XD
I've watched gay porn before, and that just made me more curious.
ok, after you've been curious, go out and try the real thing, dating sites perhaps? x
Like grinder?
u can do Google for available gay dating sites, some of them have a locator or GPS to track their users so that location can be made easier x
Gay apps and gay bars are a sure bet, if you're not looking for anything serious. Practice safe sex and go for it!
[Image: 05onfire1_xp-jumbo-v2.jpg?quality=90&auto=webp]
Well all your straight friends will be going to a bar and hopefully taking a willing girl home - been gay just means your picking up a guy instead - just use protection as I would say to a straight guy as well
"when u wake up with me ....I'll be your glass of water"
bicurious Wrote:Like grinder?

I used grindr for the first time. You can try that app but have a lot of patient. Many fakers there. They will just waste your time.
Grindr is a popular gay app, but Grolwr and Scruff are good apps if you are into bears.

I would definetly recommend you to meet them in public before inviting them home

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