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Ellen Addresses Her JCPenney Critics
Not only do I think she was she elegant, humorous, and well-spoken in her response, but the responses (especially by JC Penney's itself) to the Facebook group that has tried to get rid of Ellen is one of those incidents that gives me hope, and hope is something I value:

Good for her ,the woman is pure gold and I love her.
Ellen is just a beautiful person inside and out...I love the woman and everything she stands for.
n.n One of the few females I'd date. Shes a babe and I wana met her one day. One of the few famous people who I'd actually like to met.
Bravo Ellen...and damnit...I am going to have to shop at JC Penney now...:biggrin:..seriously...I need some new tablecloths and I WILL buy them at JC Penney just because of this.
Ellen is awesome, and a great spokesperson! How dare this 'Million Moms' group try to dictate to J.C. Penney who their spokesperson should be. Unbelievable!

We all need to shop at J.C. Penney to show our support, and let the moms group know that they can't bully corporations into choosing who their spokespeople should be.
Did you see that Bill O'Reilly of all people was actually defending Ellen against the group? Seriously, wonders never cease.
Too bad we don't have a J.C penny :frown: . I would fly to the US, buy a few shirts and shoes (don't judge me :tongue: I love different shirts & shoes ), get an iPad and maybe go get lost at a walmart(again!) and come back home and be like "yeah, I bought at J.C Penny, all the way from a small island in the middle of no where"! Take that million moms. But that's all in my fantasy anyway Wink , even getting lost again in a walmart(though this time I won't have a raging braided mohawk Mdrbig ).

(Tiny secret: I wanna be on the Ellen Show :redface: , been watching since I was 15)
flash mob at the NYC JCPenney's

as most things google the date/ location is optional, not sure on the date here
i assume NYC has several JCPenney locations too.

make your pink dollars go a long way shop at JCPenney instead of H&M
Ellen has always been an amazing woman.

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