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If terrorists using human shields was an excuse
If terrorists using human shields was an excuse to bomb innocent civilians, then doesn't that mean everyone's life is forfeit for the sake of destroying the enemy?

As the Israeli military kills Palestinians by claiming it is all collateral damage that is the result of Hamas using civilians as human shields, then doesn't mean anybody, you or I, could die, simply from being within a bomb's impact crater distance away from an enemy target? While apologists for Israel's actions say the deaths are all Hamas's fault, it should go without saying that none of the Palestinian civilians want to be near a site that's probable to be bombed.

If this argument for bombing innocent civilians holds up, then it seems all it takes for anybody's life to be targeted is for a terrorist to dig a tunnel under your home, set up shop in the same apartment or office building as you without you knowing, or even just be passing by you in the street.

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