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Is posting Emojis professional in the work place?
I'd like to get some opinions. I'll go more in detail later, but I just want to get some general thoughts. Hypothetically say you work in a fast-paced work environment. You're a professional and you focus on your work. There is also a Skype-like application that your work uses. And you have a coworker that likes to post Emojis every single day in the app. To anyone reading this, do you think it is professional/acceptable to post Emojis in this type of work environment?
I work in a fast paced environment and plenty of us do. We just have that kind of working relationship. It depends on whether you have that same dynamic with yours.. I would never use emojis with clients.
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Among coworkers - why not. With clients - definitely not.
I don't think so. I tend to refrain from emojis in the workplace unless we're friends.
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Like the others say, with coworkers, sure, why not. But with clients, probably a no-no.
My coworkers and I use emojis in friendly communications between each other.

Business related communications, between coworkers or with clients, no.
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I use emojis with certain clients, but that's because I have an established working relationship with them, spanning many years. Most of them initiated emojis in their correspondence with me anyway, so like for like.

I have many clients where I wouldn't use them. It just depends on the level of engagement really.
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