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Offensive article
I found this article called "Why girls should never have Anal sex", and it really got on my nerves.
You can search after it, if you want to read it.

I don't mind people warning against anal sex or anything related to it, but the way this person wrote the article is what I don't like.

First of all, she/he only got one good reason for why you shouldn't do it. The rest is just BS. I'm one of those people who actually like anal sex, and I disagree very much about the things this person have written.

"It feels like shitting backwards" and "the perverse power game" are just the name of few of those "reasons" this person come up with. The problem is that it is based on generalization and personal experience, not how the individuel human views it.

The writer simply didn't go in depth with the right things. He/she believes that anal sex is an uncontrolled dirty act, only made be guys who want to put their "meat stick" into every ass they see. The words alone make is so much worse. It is completely false information.
From what I have read and heard, most people see anal sex as a sign of trust and love, in which you are forced to know what you are doing, if you want good anal sex. So saying that all men just put it in everywhere and act like uncontrolling "stallions" is just outright offensive. People are different, and they have sex in different ways.

Some people like the feeling of shitting backwards, and even if they don't like it, there is nothing dangerous about it. There are also a lot of people who like having cum in the bum. It is not dangerous and a personal like/dislike.

Long story short: This article wants you to believe that anal sex is dangerous, uncontrollable, dirty, like some sort of dare, and only the act of perverse boys.

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