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Question about this site?
Have you tried reinstalling the browser?
When a subject is highly controversial — and any question about sex is that — one cannot hope to tell the truth. One can only show how one came to hold whatever opinion one does hold. One can only give one's audience the chance of drawing their own conclusions as they observe the limitations, the prejudices, the idiosyncrasies of the speaker.
- Virginia Woolf
JShell1265 Wrote:I wanted to talk to you CD!! :frown:

I was using IE and when I hit my 50th post, I got a couple messages from people. However, nobody could see my chats. The chat messages I received were actually a week old, but I couldn't see them yet until last night. I DL'd Firefox, and still nobody can see my chat messages.

Can anyone use chat?

I did actually recieve your message, but you must have sent it just as I was leaving the site. You were offline when I go your massge.
Its working for me i have 3 online. Confusedmile:
normally cleaning of the internet cache solves the problem....
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Why do my posts need to "Be approved by a moderator before they become visible". this is a MAJOR turn off for me on this website. i dont care if i am a "new member" i wont become an old member if everything i try to say has to be approved by some one else.

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