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Which deodorant do you use?
This is yet another weird poll. Which one do you use?

I use Speed Stick. However, I tried most of those listed.
I use Axe. Because it's the one I've been using for the last few years and is the one that doesn't make me break out in rash :\

Fragrance is Phoenix. It's the black cap.
i use right gaurd, affordable, and really keeps the sweat away all day, i LUV axe TOUCH smell though, i used to use that scent body wash
I really don't like the smell of axe.

I use Old Spice, it's OK I guess.
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I use Old Spice, but sometimes when I run out I use my mom's deodorant lol
only scentless deodorants .... I hate it when a man smells like a flower-shop. My man use it when he is at home .... but if he is here he "has" to use scentles, too.
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I use Old Spice, I like the smell, its not pungent like some of them.
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I use Mitchum it is scentless colorless and keeps the funk away

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