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Unread 17th November 2016   #16
Bowyn Aerrow
Feast of Wolves
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The U.S.S.A. and U.S.S.R. poise no threats to each other or the rest of the world.

Both are economically and politically hamstrung by the rest of the world.

The Russian Federation are pushing inequality on the LGBT in their nation, that is far as the can go with that. It;s not like they are going to reach into the UK and muck up their laws.

And Donald is right, the rule of law has passed and opened the flood gates of LGBT marriage Certificates.

For the USA to go back on that would mean rewriting that goddamned piece of sheep skin, we like to fondly call the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The USA did not get all of this equality crap for everyone including women, blacks, children (Seriously Child Labor Laws?) by We the People sitting on their hands waiting for it to happen. No, We the People stood up, made noises, voted out the bad people and voted in the marginally better ones. The 1960's had a minor incident of protesting and civil disobedience that destroyed segregation laws and opened the doors for emancipation of the slaves (Women) and opened the doors for gay rights to have a fighting chance.

The French Government is a good government simply because they recall the minor thing called the French Revolution and how many political leaders just plain lost their heads. When the French people do stop drinking their wine and eating cheese to complain the French Government listens and massage their necks and winces slightly as it veers to a new course.

The Bold IRA (Irish Resistance) are still feared and both UK and Republic of Ireland dread a break out of IRA type tactics.

The Russians had the reverse, a "revolution" that lead to Communism and Fascism that only collapsed not because of the people revolting again, but because the USA outspent the USSR and the minor mistake that lead to the accidental bringing down of the Berlin Wall that lead to a domino effect.

IF - or when...? the Russian people throw up their hands in disgust and turn on the politicians of the Federation of Russia then a precedence will be made where future Russian politicians will wince when the Russian people bemoan a situation.

Trump will not play well with Putin, and Putin will not live forever. Trump will only serve at most 8 years... then a democrat will take his place (seriously, look at American presidents, back and forth between both parties).

I fear more for Islamic Gays, Asian Gays and all of those other places where gay hatred results in death. Russian ain't going to go to the death penalty. The Russian people will see it as a return to communism and fascism and now that they have had a taste of Capitalist pig living they ain't going to give it up without a fight.

And they way I see it, this whole "hold back the gays" thing really isn't sitting well with the People of Russia, it smells to much like KGB and Communism in play and they really, really want to get past that unfortunate period of Russian History. Putin has been in office too long to not understand the common Russian people. He is making more mistakes and is in fact pissing off his own people. Eventually that won't end well for him if he maintains this course.

We in the western world of around 50 years of age have seen massive changes in the LGBT acceptance. It was a lot of work, it was a long time. However the rest of the world is watching and is picking up new mores and values.

Bless the interwebs for bringing the whole world together to share their thoughts. Even the bigots are, unknowingly, bringing about an era where LGBT are being accepted as "normal". Simply because no one wants to be seen as being an ugly, loudmouthed bigot. Change is still taking place, and Putin and Trump and The Blessed Leader of North Korea can't keep that from happening when the people decide its time.
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I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

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Unread 21st November 2016   #17
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They say the bad makes the good
and there's something to be learned
in every human experience
Well I know one thing that really is true
This here's a zoo and the keeper ain't you
And I'm sick of it, I'm Sick of You
They ordained the Trumps
and then he got the mumps
and died being treated at Mt. Sinai

Sick Of You - Lou Reed (New York 1989)

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Thanking deephiance for his/her post...
Gemini (21st November 2016)
Unread 21st November 2016   #18
Artyboy in da house
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At least a ww3 is unlikely, but what a world will look like with three of the three main superpowers being National Socialist.

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