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Unread 2nd February 2017   #16
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I have a couple friends that are pot smokers. I tried it a long time ago and really didn't care for it. These friends are all older (50's / 60's) who will go outside and smoke. As far as I know they aren't "total potheads" - smoking all day long.

My issue is - I don't want to find myself driving somewhere with them, getting stopped for speeding, and getting in trouble for their pot. As these friends are older and adults I doubt it would be an issue but at some point I'll have to let them know - No Illegal Drugs in my vehicle.

The last 10 / 15 years I've found I either have a job that drug tests or am looking for a job that might drug test and that has prevented me from messing with it.

Back in my single days, I met a guy for a date who was a big 420 guy. Met him at his retail job. 1st thing after work he did was smoke pot in his car while I waited in my car. I waited around for about 10 minutes and then ended the date right there.

No thanks.
Use a condom.
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Unread 2nd February 2017   #17
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@drobs Yeah pot smoking eh, special occasion at best, or really why bother. I wasted 10 years smoking pot, at times pretty heavy with it and didn't do me any good, frankly the smoke is worse than the cigarettes and cigarettes are pretty damn bad for you. Yeah folks who are wreckless with that aren't my cup of tea either and you can imagine if there are people smoking pot in their car people who do others things will be equally wreckless and lack judgement with hard drugs. So yeah life lesson, really don't do that crap, it's a waste of time, money and in the end after all the fun it's just not worth the toll it takes on your body and mind... I mean I was severely depressed from chronic use and yeah just bad times.
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Thanking Anonymous for his/her post...
drobs (2nd February 2017)
Unread 2nd February 2017   #18
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Ok so your friend uses meth and you stop trusting your friend.

Yep that's about right, anything else would moronic.

But you're making the mistake of lumping all these drugs together. Reasonable use of regular cocaine, LSD and cannabis produce few side effects and have a very low chance of addiction.

Meth and crack cocaine are massively addictive and horribly dangerous. They're like opening your skull and taking a lighter to your brain. If your friends take either then you need to distance yourself from them A.S.A.P
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