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Unread 29th December 2016   #1
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Smile How To Find And Have A Happy Prosperous Married Gay Life

I want to know how and where to find nice, stable or even successful gay guys who are seriously looking for a long term relationship or even marriage committed and dedicated and how to have and maintain a blissful and prosperous gay married life?
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Unread 29th January 2017   #2
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They hide in the shadows lol

In all seriousness, that's a hard find. I mean I don't know how it works in populated areas but out're pretty much stuck trying to network through friends or the so-called "dating apps." I actually got tired of them and removed them all. I figure either what's right in front of me will go somewhere or I'll go somewhere... My plan is to eventually get somewhere...preferably not alone but eh who knows what will happen.


I think the question always should start with why you want a relationship, are you really ready for one or are you just feeling lonely and think that entering a serious relationship is going to fix all the problems? Now that being said, not saying that you shouldn't but if that's kind of what you're thinking, bad idea... find some friends to do things with...hobbies, games, etc..

Finding someone who will stick with you for say the rest of your life is well a daunting task, I mean frankly most relationships fail....for all sorts of reasons. So you have to take your time getting to know someone before you leap for it. Even knowing someone say for a year might still not be long enough to really make heads or tails.

Stability and success. What are you calling successful? Would you say you're successful? I think people might get the idea you're golddigger. To me commitment means you're going to ride out the rough times, because one minute you're making in big and next thing you know you're getting thrown out of your apartment, living in your car. If you ask me if you really love someone you would stick with them, in the passenger seat.

I mean yeah ideally I would want to be with someone who is say equally successful as I am, and I don't regard myself as being rich or anything. While I have certainly wasted a lot of money on crap I don't need, I really don't need them and if I had the choice to have fortunes vs a lifetime with a loving and wonderful guy well bye bye possessions.

So I think it is important to answer those questions because the reality is no rich guy is going to deal with a better have something special anyway. At least in American culture for the most part you don't see grocery baggers dating CEO's and lawyers. Not saying it never happens, but I wouldn't count on it.
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