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Default Best mate is pissing me off hard......

So my best mate (girl) currently got out of a relationship and she's now on the prowl through online dating apps. And yes, majority of the men are there for sexual encounters and some for actual dating/relationships. She tells me about ALL of them and to be honest, her approaches and thinking really pisses me off to the point where it's unfair to the other person.

Encounter 1;
- She met someone from Tinder, they chatted and she was horny. SHE invited him to come over that night (obviously for a hookup) and she rejected him because there was no initial chemistry or rapport when they met. She ended up kicking him out without a hookup and she blocked him.
My Response;
- You don't invite someone for a hookup to get to know them per se, they come, they fuck and they go. That's it. Small talk is fine but to invite someone then rejecting and kicking them out is rude.

Encounter 2;
- Met someone online, they spoke over the phone for 3 hours, texted back and forth everyday etc. She likes him. Then he disappears for like 1 week without no contact. She messages him: "are you a ghoster" (a term for people just suddenly disappears).
My response;
- It happens all the time online, my assumption is that he found another girl. Move on, he left.
Encounter 2 followup:
- She gets a message about 1.5 weeks later, he confessed there was another girl on the side, that's why he went M.I.A. She caved in and they are talking again.
My response;
- You're a backup and you are crawling back to him...... what makes you think that he won't 'ghost' her again?

Encounter 3;
- She met another guy online, he said: "Can i come over and we can get sweaty". Obviously, this is a hookup. She said yes.
My response;
- Don't be a douchebag and reject him cause there's no chemisty. You agreed to have a hookup at your place, commit to it.
Encounter 3 followup
- She rejected him cause she didn't feel there was chemistry

Encounter 4;
- She speaking to a guy prior to her ex, they were speaking and all of a sudden he said he's not looking for anything long term due to X reason. She blew up at him stating he's wasting her time etc. But from the conversation I read, he was NOT flirting at all, just normal everyday talk as friends.
My repsonse;
- You're over reacting, you accused him of something he didn't do. You also assumed he wanted you and wanted to date you when there's no indication of that from what I read.

Anyways.... you can see the trend.

She is the typical woman that gets her emotional side overtake her rational side. I have said, her loneliness is overtaking her and she feels the need to speak to all these guys to fill the emotional void.

I also stated, it's very rude to invite someone for a hookup and not commit. She said there was not physically wrong with them, they look like their pics etc, but she couldn't built chemistry. Now, I think that's very rude. I told her all this and she doesn't see it.

This is what I said to her tonight: "you very well know why he's over and to reject someone cause there's not rapport is, to be honest, a BS excuse"
Her response: " Is the only excuse, For me."

I get it everyone is different, but her logical standpoint on hookups, going back to men after they ignore her, assuming if someone is chatting to her for a long time, they want a relationship etc.....

From all the encounters, she's the one at fault. Also, I can't stand all these damn emotional memes she sends me. Like, one of them was: "you know when you're lonely, when you're on hook up apps"...... like seriously..... I can't take anymore of these emotional rollercoaster BS she puts herself and other people in.....

What else do I say to her to make her realise her actions are pretty damn stupid.
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