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Unread 13th February 2017   #16
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Stay where you are and do your best to calm down. It is important to make a police report because you need strong documentation of what happened. In your report be sure to mention that the cab driver saw and most likely heard at least part of what was going on. Talk the situation through with your dad and consider help from social services for both you and you mother separately. No one should ever be physically threatened by anyone else. Stay safe and take your time in sorting this. Good luck.
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Unread 13th February 2017   #17
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Dang, sorry you went through that. I hope you are able to create a better situation for yourself.

If you can imagine yourself saying to her, "Thank you for opening the door to the next chapter in my life," and really mean it, then you have freed yourself from her illness.
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Unread 13th February 2017   #18
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I know what it's like especially with the twisting of seeing it as you as the aggressor. I'm just glad you're out of that environment and I hope you managed to get some rest.
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Unread 13th February 2017   #19
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Ok so you're safe and that's what matters.

Mother needs psychological help. She will be a danger to herself and others.

Go to the police and file a report on the incident. My guess is that this is not the first time it's happened, but it needs to be reported!

And you definitely need to stay out of that place.
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Unread 13th February 2017   #20
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That's an appalling situation to have been in and I'm glad to know that you are safe and unharmed.

I can only echo what others have said; that you should make a report to the police and that your mother sound as if she need some serious help for what would appear to be chronic mental condition. What she did was in no way normal.

I'm only sorry that we are only offer moral support from these pages. Take care and keep safe.
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Unread 13th February 2017   #21
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The main reason for filing is a police report is it may be the only way she can be forced to seek medical help. On her own, she never will. The courts might not even help, but at least there is a chance.
Also, before she sees a mental health care professional, she should have a complete physical workup.
Something could out whack in her labs or organically.
Has she ever manifested this behavior with anyone other than you or outside the family?
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Unread 13th February 2017   #22
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What a nightmare situation! I can only reiterate what the others have said; she needs Professional help, sooner rather than later before she does follow through on these threats and harms herself or someone else, especially if she has a history of these violent episodes, however sporadic! You can't go around threatening to stab people!

I'm glad you were able to get away and had somewhere to stay. Talk things over with your dad and get this reported. She needs help.
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