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My Penis Hurts
Quote--""Did I understand that correctly? You've been masturbating 4 times per day since your midtwenties?
Not sure if I should applaud or scold!""

First--Not everyday since my 20's, 2 to 3 times a week.

Second-- I Only get a slight pain enough to wake me at night when I wack it 2 of more times in a Single Day.( sometimes I'll only masterbate once, sometimes more)

Third-- I get enough action (Mostly on the weekends) This includes the last 2 weekends. Usually the same 2 partners, which ever one is available, Who I run into when I'm out on the scene on weekends.

(Don't you judge me. Pity me, my Penis hurts)Winknudge

Just go see a doctor, at least get it examined, maybe an x-ray.
They may be able to at least tell you WHY you are experiencing this and also tell you how to be rid of it.

More importantly, you could at least rule out any serious health risks like some sort of unknown damage or some rare form of cancer or something

You embarrassed with showing your junk to a doc or something?
Or you afraid of discovering something serious and scary?

JimmyEcho Wrote:Quote fromBowynAerrow

""Ask your doctor to take a look.

The penis is a delicate thing, composed of 'sacs' or spongy tissue which inflate with blood. Technical names: Corpus cavernosum and Corpus spongiosum.

If you squeeze too hard you can do damage to those, something akin a hernia or a deep bruise to the tissue.

It is possible you have a minor issue which masturbation irritates.

Another potential is 'cysts' inside the penis. Fatty tissue type cysts, tiny, mostly not going to be felt, but acts like a tiny pebble when you grab your winkibeany bouncer and strangle it too hard.

You might want to try a 'flesh-light' I understand those are more like human orifices, thus don't have a death grip...""

Your using the word tiny to often.
I'm going to try my LEFT hand. (It'll be like a stranger)

I see... I guess I should have said small, short, petite, runty, piddling, miniature, slight, diminutive, wee, trifling, inconsiderable, piddling, teeny, teensy, stunted, trivial, or itty-bitty.....

I guess tiny was hitting you in a sore spot.... My bad, I shall try harder to not hit you below the belt in that way in future....

BTW, why not get a boyfriend do to that minor job for ya? :biggrin:

JimmyEcho Wrote:Thanks cees, Yes I do sometimes drink energy drinks. However I've been dealing with this since my 20's and have no doubt that I'm to rough on myself. It's only a slight pain that wakes me up at night when I get an erection after I beat myself hard 2 or more times a day. I'm o.k. if I use K.Y Jelly.
I was really just wondering if anyone else goes through this?

Mayby, I have a very delicate,sensitive,prissy,easily insulted, high maintenance, don't you rub me the wrong way, Talk To The Hand, PENIS.Bluegrab

Yeah,I experience this too. Sometimes I get too horny (and apparently have no better things to do LOL) and masturbate several times (3-5 times a day) consequently,days after days,without any break,hahaha. Of course porn fueled me. And I have to stop for a few days cause my penis gets hurt. I do use some lube like oil or jelly,but it was never enough? Maybe I squeeze too tight as well.

JimmyEcho Wrote:Posted by MisterLove
"Go see a urologist NOW!

Penises are not made of steel"

I beg to DIFFER.
Bengay burns and doesn't work, maybe aspercream

Oh yeah, Bengay buuuurns. Especially when your brain dead BF rubs it all over his neck, comes to bed without washing his hands, and starts fingering your ass. Gives a whole new meaning to "hot sex".

JimmyEcho Wrote:(Don't you judge me. Pity me, my Penis hurts)Winknudge

[Image: 51806835273_f5b3daba19_t.jpg]  <<< It's mine!

:Quote from Bowyn Aerrow
""BTW, why not get a boyfriend do to that minor job for ya?""

It's Friday and the weekend is here, I'm not worried about being alone.
(I do have plans) :Knuddel

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