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'Ñ' corner!
Hola a todos! Solo queria aportar al rincon latino Smile. Que pasen un buen dia!
wouldlikemuscle Wrote:Pollo

(sorry, that's about it... when I was in Tenerife I had chicken most days! lol.. and I know how to say it too... sayin it wrong could be quite embarrassing I gather!)

Indeed Michael, if you were to change but ONE vowel, you might be saying COCK or DICK .... (= la pOlla) slightly embarrassing, depending on who you happen to be with of course. If you were in Chueca, maybe NO ONE would bat an eyelid... (el Párparo = la paupière) Wink (

Now, I wonder if our South and Central American friends use the same word or something different? :confused:
Guau! Soy Jadiel de Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela! Epale mi gente!! K tu haces? jijiji....
Un saludo para todos los hispano-parlantes de Gayspeak y les deseo una muy feliz navidad y un prospero año 2010.
Hola chicos! Yo tambien hablo espanol. Con menos fluidez pero....
Feliz Navidad.

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