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❂ The Preacher's Kid ❂
While I was still under the P.K. (Preacher's Kid) title and Christian Bubble... I was about 19 years old when this occurred. I had an intimate moment with a guy who I've considered my best friend at the time. We grew up in the same church, the same school, and even lived on the same street. It was April 10th, 2016 as I remember. Let's skip the blah blah blah part and get straight into it. We had a "sexual transaction" as I call it on top of my father's desk in the back of the church. Where his office is situated, it is right behind the wall where the main podium and stage are where he does his preaching work. Unfortunately, it didn't last long before someone accidentally walked in on us and it was his girlfriend. SMH... The End. I would tell you more, but this is just a confession and not a story-time thread.

Can’t leave us hanging like this. SMH

Being gay is not for Sissies.
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I'll do a storytime post soon Smile
grrrr just leaving is hanging lmao

Well come to GS too mate!
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