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Hey guys, just wanted to follow up the rules, so I'm making my first post here.

Not sure what to say or how to introduce myself.
I was never good at that stuff, I don't know what would I say, it's always easier with questions or pointers.

I guess this is it for now..maybe I'll add something later, but now I'm more in that 'random topic' mood so I'll just browse other threads and maybe post a bit.
Well, Hello to you, and Im fairly confident you will enjoy yourself here. I joined recently and love it here.
welcome Smile im new here too. already welcomed by a couple of nice ppl Smile
Hi Luka, welcome Confusedmile:
Heya! Welcome to the site!
Hello. Welcome ... if you are a "guest" have you actually signed up? :confused:
Welcome to the Gs community of friends

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