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10 Years
Incredible that next Sunday 10 years have past since the world as we know it changed.

I had just relocated from the south of Sydney to Queenslands Gold Coast, it was 11pm and I was getting ready for bed when I heard there was plane accident in New York. The next morning at 6am I awoke to a new world, A world where planes were deliberately flown into the nerve centre of the US and the worlds financial hub...The World Trade Centre.

I sat there glued to the TV the entire day as the events of the Late night Australian time unfolded before my very eyes, I was numb with fear and disbelief.

911 left me feeling suspiscious of things I don't understand, mostly religion. I left me with hope that in a time of need our nationalities fall away and we unite as one. The power, the raw strength of love allows us to hold hands across borders, nations and oceans.

September 11 2001, 4 planes, several buildings, thousands of lives gone, BILLIONS changed.

September 2011, 10 years, we will remember.

Do you remember where you were and how has it changed you?

PEACE Remybussi
i was at work when it happened

i just think the post 911 was badly handled
I was in college and my first class - which we still had all our classes that day - was a public relations class. The professor comes in and states what happened with the first plan and I start to respond as if it was a public relations challenge of how we would handle it. She was quick to clarify it was real and we put on a TV, and saw the coverage of the second plane. I really can't believe we still had classes, even if we were in Iowa; we all watched news in between everything. I do have an uncle in NYC, though I was fairly confident he wasn't near the towers with his job etc, which he was indeed safe. But so many other people affected, and continued to be affected as the threat has continued.
I was in my sixth grade reading class. I'm in the Marine Corps band, we are traveling to NYC to play several concerts around the city next week.
i was at the movies when it had happened
plus thuy trang the girl who played as the yellow ranger (trini) from mighty morphin power rangers i remember she died right before 9/11
Remember where i was? Nope.:redface:
Every member of my family have conflicting stories of where we were on 9/11.:redface:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
I was at work when the news started filtering through. I went through into the break out area later during my afternoon break as that's where the tv monitors were; I just walked in as the first tower collapsed, everyone was just stood around in shocked silence.
I was in school at the time; me and couple of friends were walking down the hall I think, we were about to leave for the day when someone told us about the twin towers being hit. We walked passed a classroom and they had a TV with the news on so we stopped to watch it. I must admit back then I never heard of the twin towers before that event.
I was just coming out of my last class that day (it was about 4 pm) and I was told by the janitor. I received the news with some disbelief and then turned the tv on. All channels were focussed on the event... I think it was slightly unreal for us until things gradually started filtering through... Strangely enough 9/11 was also the day my parents were married many years before. It wasn't a marriage that lasted. So maybe that date is doomed?
I had been working in a school in a small Norfolk village that afternoon. I went into the community run shop and a portable television had been brought into the shop which was an unusual thing to have happened. The volunteer behind the counter that day explained what had been going on and we both stood watching the unfolding horror with disbelief.

Two days later my first grandson was born.

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