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1950's gay education video
This video is both appalling and laughable at the same time.

saw this video in school when very very young it is sad that small minds made this
Here is another one:

Its obviously a spoof and the blatant dubbing over had me laughing.

I have seen the first video posted, but I never saw The Terrible Truth one. Thankfully we know better and it is not a mental disorder. It's funny in The Terrible Truth video when the girl tells her story, they dub in "homosexual" or "pornographic pictures" during some parts. I dunno if I would have been out or simply a closet case if I was living in the 1950's. I probably would have just been straight, but I would feel so bad about it since that's not me and I'm not being myself. I'm glad the 21st century understands homosexuality much better than it did during the mid 20th century.
Some people a beyond the titles stupid :/
Marvinteck Wrote:Here is another one:

haha what the hell happend at 1:06
~D5~ Wrote:Some people a beyond the titles stupid :/

Some? It was more like almost every single person that lived in that era were beyond stupid.
I found the video that they dubbed over and condensed to make the second video. People back then must of been stupid and on drugs to believe the stuff being fed to them by the government.

They were so dumb back in the 1950's that they believed the best defense against the atomic bomb was duck and cover.

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