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1st confession
I find that a major part of my enjoyment of gay sex is being submissive and humiliation in being a bottom or being used for another's pleasure. Although my preferences in men are pretty particular as far as looks go I would probably let any man regardless of their looks take me for their sexual pleasure.

When I used to visit adult shops I would sometimes expose myself in the video booth area. Then I would refuse when men would ask me to enter a booth with them. There would some aggressive men than would just inch their way to groping me in public view. Once one guy dropped my pants and dry humped me when he was done I had about 3 other guys step up do the same. It was one the hottest times ever. I hope it happens again.

another instance I went home with some guy I met in gay cruising spot(a park and ride). It was under the condition that he was only going to rim me. I found myself in a rather humiliating position. Naked in a strangers bedroom with my butt propped up in the air all just because he told me to get in that position. He did start doing what he said but he then proceeded to have anal sex with me. Never asking me just setting up and doing it. At the time I it was a long time for me doing such an act much less not even knowing what he was working with. I had alot of time to say no or refuse but I decided to stay there in the position he put me in and be used. Yes I know very risky behavior.
do what makes you happy

Yeah back in the day I used to love to go to adult book stores and go to the video area and kind of flirt with other guys when they would come in to the area, like leave the door cracked so they could see me jerking off to gay porn and then come in and jerk off together while we watched some guy on the screen getting fucked, loved the feelings I got when I would share a cum with another guy, it was so intense and awesome
I know this really shouldn't be the first thing to come to mind after reading about such adventures, but I can't help feeling a little sorry for the cleaner. Is that just a tiny bit gay? :redface:

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