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3 times is the charm
So I just had my third surgery today. It went better than expected and I was sent home!

The previous 2 were extensive spinal work and this one was just moving some tissue to
cover a protruding vertebra that was trying to get out through the skin of my back. It
certainly hurts but nothing like the first 2. All this only 3 days after the 65 mile charity
bike ride that I did. I managed to raise over $1000 U.S. dollars for the cause and was
in some pain during the ride, but I knew the surgery was coming.

I know I mentioned most of this to some of you and just figured I'd get you up to speed
on the latest. I should be in pain for a couple of weeks but nothing real serious. First
few days are gonna hurt, then real mild after that.

Cheers to better than expected results! :biggrin:
I'm real glad the surgery went well! All of the best for your recovery, hope you can ride again soon!

Also, congrats on the money raised Smile
[Image: 65641-win_o.gif]
Happy it went well for u as i heard that is such terrible surgey to have to get,
hope the recovery goes fast to Smile
Awesome news congrats.
Congrats on great results!

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