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A Gay Cambodian Boy
Hello Everyone!

My name is Panda (a nickname that everyone call me for years now). I am Cambodian (southeast-asian) and I'm new to this site. I am 17 years old and is an openly gay person. I am very feminine and no I don't bitch about everything and I am not picky at all. :3 I am a very open minded kind of person and I am everyone best friend.

I love myself a lot and it will always get better! Don't give up! Be proud of who you are and take great pride in it. The more you're open to the world the more people will respect you. If you're a shame of yourself, then people will make you feel even worse. Be open and tell the world who you are and share the stories of your life!

Welcome to the forum! Big Grin

Rather inspirational message, I hope you enjoy it here.
[Image: krusty_0607.gif]

Hey hey, Panda!

Yes it is indeed a rather inspirational message. I hope ya like the forum!
Welcome to GS Panda Big Grin
Hello Panda and WelcomeHelloYelclap
Awww, what a lovely first post!
Enjoy your stay!:biggrin:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
Hello. Welcome Smile
Oh my, so many warm welcomes. Confusedmile: Thank you so much!
Hello Panda, and Welcome to GaySpeak... I'm probably one of the oldest posters here and it's always nice to hear some positive messages coming from proud young gay men...
Hi Panda and welcome to GS.

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