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A Very English Scandal
[Image: 8da1098da3740216dc60e57743b32823.gif]

The Funny & Frightening: A Very English Scandal

Actor Ben Whishaw took home an Emmy for his performance in this based-on-a-true-story miniseries. A Very English Scandal retells the saga of Norman Scott, a sometime rentboy who has a long affair with MP Jeremy Thorpe (Hugh Grant). As Scott struggles to find work, Thorpe climbs in popularity, eventually becoming Head of the Liberal Party. With his eyes set on the office of Prime Minister, Thorpe attempts to murder Scott, inadvertently causing one of the biggest sex scandals in UK history.

Though it may sound like a thriller–and at times, does feel like one–A Very English Scandal more often then not invites laughs with its outrageous situations and absurd plot twists. Grant gives one of his best-ever performances as the stuffy Thorpe, who alternates between the embodiment of charm and narcissistic malevolence. The show belongs to Whishaw though, who proves himself once again a versatile and dynamic actor. He’s not afraid to show Scott as sweet-natured or as a selfish terror. Darkly funny and always enthralling, A Very English Scandal portrays a little-told chapter in gay history with a great sense of fun.

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It went on to show that Hugh Grant can, if he tries, act!
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This synopsis interests me. Hope it will be on Netflix eventually...
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