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A gay gene?
Hi there,
I tend to beleive it has something to do with our genetic build up.. Alot of people say if your abused as a child your turn out to be gay etc etc and that i think is wrong as abusers who abuse children at young age tend to find they offend later on in life at times..
I beleive that our genetic structure makes us who we are i mean i had to leave my ex girlfriend after her brother ditched me when i was in my early teens because i wasnt getting any excitement out of her no matter what thoughts i thought... Well least im still a virgin to a ladee

kindest regards

zeon x
Whether it is our genetic structure, or environment or a combination of the two, or some third factor. Will not change the fact that I'm gay and proud of it. Thanks marsh for the video.
Hi All,
I tried to change who i was when i was younger but it did no help or good to myself so after six years of fighting it to be the so called Norm i figured its easier to just be myself and come clean which i done and have told people who say us gay men can easily sleep with a woman we choose not to, that they could easily sleep with a man but choose not to... Now thats a different board game all together Tongue

Kindest regards


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