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A good book about gay dating
From what a friend of mine was telling me yesterday this book is hilarious and the reviews i ve read are good. Has a lot truths in it and is write in a funny and easy way. Interesting title too... but if not a husband a bf would be good enough :tongue:

'Husband Hunting Made Easy and Other Miracles for the Modern Gay Man' by Patrick Price

Gives tips and secrets about dating. As it says " A guide for gay men about finding, getting, and keeping a husband with lists, quizzes, and homework that leads readers through all the pitfalls of landing the perfect man."
Wud be really nice to get it... I don't think here... Sad
Can you buy online from amazons? Its not expensive at all, including the shipping. I can send you the url if you want.:biggrin:
Even a copy of the Bible.. some interesting facts about gay dating in that an 'all Wink
ashleo78 Wrote:Even a copy of the Bible.. some interesting facts about gay dating in that an 'all Wink

Does it really??? Ive never touched the bible so I have no idea what all is in it....
One of the books I read is an old one... but it was a fun read. it's a little out of date, some of the stuff is like a duh thing, but it is refreshing and entertaining... with some good points.

Finding True Love in a Man-Eat-Man World: The Intelligent Guide to Gay Dating, Sex. Romance, and Eternal Love

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