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A non scientific term for heterosexual
I friend asked me a wee while ago why tend to say "gay" for homosexual and "heterosexual" (or "hetero") for straight people.

Although I wasn't aware of it until he pointed it out I had a wee think and I came up with this possible reasoning. "Straight" is the opposite of "bent" and I don't like that term. And the only other non-scientific term I can think of is "breeder" and that was designed to be derogatory from the start (so I don't want to use that)

So, are there any neutral or affirming words to describe a "heterosexual"?
Don't be hypersensitive. I like being curved like the rainbow. I don't think it really matters. Technically, nothing we say is completely neutral because it wouldn't be able to have meaning if it were neutral.
I don't agree with ya. My friends and I almost always say "straight" and never say "hetero".
...Hmmm... The only other thing i can think of is what right wing loons would use. "Normal".
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so




//sorry if i inadvertently insulted anyone
"Het" (short for hetero), plural hets, is common enough in my experience.
The term "straight" comes from the phrase "the straight and narrow", as in non-deviant (and boring). Other than breeder (much more derogatory), not too many alternative terms exist. Hetero and straight are your main choices.

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