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A poem from my "goth" days
So I accessed my old devinat-art account that I haven't used for ages and ages and stumbled across some of my old poetry I had written in my senior year of high school and had uploaded years later. Most of it is pretty cringe-worthy (thankfully I have improved vastly since) but I thought I would share one that I had written in anger about an ex of mine. Like I said, its quite shoddy, but good for a laugh :tongue: Enjoy.


I wear the night as a cloak
The crimson eye of my cigarette winks at you off the horizon
My ruminations are obscured in a swirl of moonlight and poisoned mists
Smoke and mirrors you say?
Aye, the great tools of misdirection

Under a funeral shroud of velvety darkness I meander the crossroads of fate
Severing its astral threads with searing whispers and humanitarian guises
My tongue drips with venomous glee at your confusion
Your congealed thoughts...the remanent of my gluttonous feasting

I melt back into the void
Leaving you
All the better to strike later

The cat playing with the mouse
You can run, but never hide
My will travels on the endless wastes
A seeking arrow
A payload of holocaustic misery

Dream now...
A state of lucid calm before the storm
Your mind is mine to befoul
To rape, to devour
Welcome to Hell

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