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Access to Youtube: blocked by Government
Dan1089 Wrote:I for one like the thread title,very creative.You ignored my idea for "KhartoumTube".Is it really than horrendous of an idea?

no i didn't ignore it at all , i said that the solution i found will solve the problem .. and although it is slow it is working ...

the idea of khartoum Tube looks amazing though.. and i has been thinking of some modifications of its objectives , but i sometimes really have the problem of forgetting that others don't read my ideas ....sorry for what seemed like ignoring:redface:
I just wanted to thank you guys for educating me about some of the issues in Africa. It just saddens me because we have so much news here... so many channels and international coverage is just crap.

Instead we get minute by minute coverage of John Edwards love child & how the national enquirer trapped him in the mens room, UG.

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