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Advertising game
Please bring you best sarcasm.

This is how it works , we take everyday items and , the next person creates a new slogan.
Example . Duct-tape

Keeping Redneck creative for years.
You can use the same object.

So let start .

Cling wrap.

[Image: glad-cling-wrap-300-ft-roll.jpg]
Keeping things fresh for decades.

Next is:

[Image: pg-tips-leaf-tea.jpg]
The only tea fortune tellers will buy.


[Image: Household-Aluminium-Foil-3.jpg]
The poor man's substitute for cooking shisha on a hookah Wink

[Image: P1080655-702934.jpg]
We pledge to keep it beautiful.

Next is:

[Image: Lysol-Concentrate-Disinfectant.png]
The only one germs fear.

[Image: preparation-information-H.I.C.jpg]
"Piles on the relief".

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQJK9vRNYa2JYmhYgUllep...MDSjSvipxj]
Still wondering what I'll be when I grow up.
We don't monkey around with breakfast.

[Image: 1395_51820570916_9033_n.jpg]
Keeping bald men fooled for years.

Next Catnip.

[Image: Catnip37.JPG]
Antidepressant for Kitty - All Natural.


[Image: 58521.jpg]

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