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After 15 yrs I am tired of DADDY and want a LOVER!
Hmmmm how do I start to explain my problem.... Well I guess I have reached a point in my life where I am tired of a "daddy" as a partner after 15 years that won't let go as I get older and has a bit of a control freak problem. We are not romantic at all and I am WANTING a LOVER now before all my youth fades away. I unfortunately I have a situation where I can not meet other guys OUTSIDE of my profession I am stuck in. I am kept with a tight lid on, so not exactly free to do what I wish when I want. Without getting into lots of details. I sorta need to find someone closer to my own age group to rescue me under a guise they are able to overlook if they were to like me. I need to know where I can find online sites where I can explain my story and hope for someone to come along to pull me out. I am not a SINGLE, so need some sites that don't mind current relationships going on while looking for another on it. Intrigued or interested by chance in what this is about?? Check out profiles/pictures on chemistry, mypartner and matchmaker to see if your a possible fit for my needs. Interested in helping a cute "boyish" guy get out of a mess possibly to be yours alone. I might just be the right one for you, and IF you understand my terms and requirements then contact me privately and I will explain how we have to "get to know each other" Other than that, I hope some other sites can be given so I can post more profiles

Thanks for any interest or help
Hi Rebel,

I don't exactly know how to handle this one - whether I'm allowed to post up links to other sites and advertise, and secondly the moral issues. If you want to have a lover I would argue that you need to make this clear to your partner rather than just cheating on him. I know what it's like to feel age stacking up against you for the first time in my life, but if you really think this is the best way to deal with it I would talk to your partner first, and address the issues you have with him making you feel older and empowered. He should be able to look out for himself and love you without relying on you entirely.

Lastly, this isn't a hookup site; it's just some sweet-ass guys chatting about cakes, politics and TV shows, and sometimes sex. If that kinda thing floats your boat keep talking. All the best
Yeah... welcome to GS, but cheating is never the answer. It usually ends up worse than you expect it to. So just sit down with your partner and tell him that you need something more to stabilize the relationship, as it's already crashing around you.
you say "we are not romantic at all"] and you know a little effort will often re-kindle the feeling of affection. Being thoughtful, a gentle touch, looking into his eyes... there must have been something once... it does sound like a communication problem and it sounds like you are close to a stalemate of "he won't give this so I won't give that" - bean counting, really is what I think of. I agree with the other posts that just trying to solve the problem by exploding really is a doubtful course. Best of luck!Confusedmile:
Come into chat one day when i am here and i will see if i can help you
The way you word your post sounds to me like you never had romatic love in this relationship.
Was it just a sex thing? Correct me if i'm wrong, i know thats a kinda rude thing to assume.:redface:

Wheather it was or wasn't, i don't think its right to look for someone new behind your current boyfriends back. If you want something more, then end the relationship you're in, BEFORE you start trying to form new relationships with people.
Otherwise things could take a turn for the worst between you and your current boyfriend.
And it could end up hurting you both.

It just seems to me, that you want to stay in your current relationship untill you find someone else you're sure you want to be you're new boyfriend, then move from one to the other avoiding being single for any amount of time.
But if you're current relationship is...well....dead, why prolong it AND do something which could make it WORSE.
Is there a reason you don't want to leave your current boyfriend?
Do you live with him?
Can you support yourself without him?

Sorry, i guess i asked more questions than helpped. Sorry if i seemed a little rude.:frown:
I guess i'm just not sure where you're coming from.:redface:
But if you answer these questions, i hope i can help ya a little better.Confusedmile:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

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