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Agh,I fucked up!
Damn you technology!Of all the numbers in my phone,I only know two by heart i.e. my best friend's & this other dude,lets call them bf & dude.Well,my bf knows that I have a gigantic crush on dude.Anyhow,dude called me earlier & told me that whilst looking at our photos,his mom told him we'd make a cute couple & then playfully asked why we weren't a couple.I quickly dismissed this because dude is 100% straight.Then bf texted me asking me if perhaps dude & I had made any breakthroughs.I typed in that bf told me about the couple thing,the couple question & how excited I was by this.But instead of sending it to bf,I instinctively punched in dude's number and sent it to him!I didn't realise this until I received a SMS from dude asking what I meant by "I feel like a virgin on prom night."I haven't replied yet.Mind you,I will have to see dude in less than 12 hrs!What should I do?!
ugh! you messed up!
Oh ... my !! :redface:.

Well, as I see it you have three options - you can either :-

1) Laugh it off with dude (since he's straight, he will probably be happy to do that);
2) Tell dude that he shouldn't have been so flirtatious with you as it put you in a bit of a tiz-woz (this would not be my choice, as it might cause him to clam-up in the future, and as you've already said you've got a crush on him so you're going to want him to remain receptive to you); or
3) Lie ... LIE YOUR ASS OFF baby and tell him some random [email=cr@p]cr@p[/email] about how you've got some weird hybrid nearsighted condition and instead of "virgin on prom night" you'd actually meant to type one of those convincingly similar alternatives like ... well to be honest I can't think of one right now :redface:.

You could try (and this is perhaps your best option) just telling him that it just means you were really nervous, as nobody's ever asked you that before and your heart went all aflutter ... pay him a compliment to deflect his attention - that kinda thing.

Or just deny it ever happened ... DAMNED clone numbers ... GRRRRRRR :mad:.

It's always when you've said something really specific that you can't take it back though isn't it ... like "DID I say I wanted to s**k your c**k ?" Erm ... what I really MEANT was ... I wanted to stack your socks ... :redface:. Shyeah RIGHT !!

Best of luck babe - let me know how you get on ??

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
*sigh* He hasn't arrived at work at all.I hope he gets stuck in traffic the whole day!I've decided I'm going to lie my ass off.
Calculated and pragmatic - I hope it works out ok ...

To be honest, THE best option is to let his moves dictate your responses. He might just laugh it off, in which case you needn't worry AT all !! :biggrin:.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
Luke has to be the greatest str8 guy ever!Well,he arrived at work & headed straight for my cubicle.Again he asked me what I had meant by that message.I gave him a lame excuse about it being a huge joke but he saw right through me because of my stuttering!I finally told him the WHOLE truth & me finding him attractive.Luke couldn't keep a straight face through the whole ordeal.He says he's totally cool with that but reminded that we could only be friends.And to think I was so worried!Anyways he's invited me over to play PS2 games at his flat tonight,he's a really cool guy.I'm not sure how healthy our relationship is for the both of us.

Babe that's FANTASTIC news ... now you just need to get him to admit that he's been lying to you the whole time and he's secretly hot for you, and I'll be the happiest boy in the Channel !! :biggrin:.


!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
Awww Dan thats NICE :biggrin:

Telling him the truth proved to be the best thing to do and how nice he took it. What a cool guy! I know its wrong but i secretly hope it works out well for both of you and.... go to your prom night hehe
Well if that's not an option i think you will forget about the crush and you gained a good friend who you can trust. That's a lot too!!

Time spent being less than happy is time waistedWavey



Well if it was me (a notorious shit disturber...) I'd show up at his house with beer and a huge smile and say "so, video games or beer and a massage?"

For the most part people are ok if you are honest and can take a joke as well as give one.

A couple of years ago we were at Pride in Madrid. At breakfast a Danish friend of ours was having a total panick attack. He had sent a text message to a couple that he had fucked with the night before. Said "Hi, it's me." Return message said "me who?" ......... "You've forgotten me already? You didn't forget me last night while you were fucking me from behind and your partner was shooting his load down my throat!"

Would have been fine except he had mistakenly sent it to a co-worker who didn't know he was gay!!! He had to wait until he got home to find out what was going to happen. I never did find out :-(

What do you do? Pray I guess!! Tell the truth and have a laugh?!

Glad it worked out for you.
Wow Michael,that's just wrong!Anyway,goodbye boys,I'm off to Luke's now!

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