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Am I Bi?
Ok so basically I’m 27 male and I mostly been with guys sexually but lately I’ve been curious about being with women. For the longest I had like some ocd and watched tons of porn with women to see if I was interested or could get and erection and I have but still was overthinking it. Long story short I started seeing a bunch of escorts so that it would be NSA. I had some fun times I didn’t like throw up or anything. It’s just it feels so weird that I waited until 27 to do it.

I mean I could have got laid w/o paying lots of times and I clicked with lots of women I guess on an emotional level, but it’s just I was scared of getting too close to women at the time I guess because I thought I wasn’t manly  enough being that I’ve been with men.  Closest I got to women w/o paying was drunk kissing and feeling all over each other. Mind you I do lean gay but sometimes girls are kinda sexy. Thoughts? 
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It's the real life interpersonal interactions, congruent with one's ideas, beliefs, values, and compassion that make for clarity in our own self-actualization. In this pursuit one becomes best equipped to call the shots for themselves with integrity in a fulfilling way. So are you bi or not? I say, you do not have to have any sort of clear answer to move forward; but, the interest and pursuit of the question sounds compelling and worthy of your attention. Keep us all posted with salacious details, won't you?
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Thanks thanks, will do
Hey @Say welcome to GS. I think the big thing is not to worry so much about labels. Sexual orientation is more like shades of gray than something that is black and white. Think of it as clicking with another human being.

That being said, it can be a bit of an existential kerfuffle let's say. Because I have heard so many times from people who said "I just KNEW you were gay!" and that we have to adhere to everyone else's expectations. I'm 35 and I relate to all this. I worry about not being able to ever settle down, find the right person, having kids and so on. I think it is far more important to simply do what you want to do. If you find someone, whether they're male or female and you connect with that person then you've won. And whether you're looking long term or just something more temporary, just do what feels right. Nothing is wrong with liking both men, women or anyone for that matter.
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