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Am I a lost cause, sexually (possible TMI alert)?
Starting about six years ago my genitals gradually became more and more de-sensitized. I can still cum through masturbation, but it isn't anywhere near as good as when there was sensitivity. I was not a compulsive masturbator or a sex addict (The schedule was around two times a week on average) but I think my problem was using one particular hand for so long which caused my dong to pivot at an angle and lose sensitivity on that side. I've heard of this phenomenon occurring before, but only after it was too late.

I would say I've got around 35%-40% sensitivity now. Instead of being depressed all day about it I decided that I would try new options, like butt play. Bought a prostate massager toy that has varying vibration strengths ranging from soft to really hard. As I tried it on max settings, it became clear that it wasn't doing the trick. I tried it on the taint. Meh. Then I inserted it a little bit but found that to be more painful than anything else.

So has this happened to anyone here? Happened to someone you might know? How did they address this problem? What are my options now? I'm not what you would call someone with a huge sexual appetite, but I hoped to have sex one day just to see what all the hype is about.
I'd say see a doctor. Maybe there's some other issue going on here beyond using using 1 hand to decrease sensitivity, which sounds really far-fetched :\
I agree with ZackT, seems like you could use a more medical advice. :/ I'm not so sure about the one-hand using too much theory, nor was I aware that our penis sensitivity could decrease due to masturbating.
I'll make an assumption here that you are cut. Try keeping your glans covered 24/7 for one month and see if you get any more sensitive. I bet you'll notice a marked difference.

What you're experiencing is one of the main reasons people start to restore their foreskin. Its one of the reasons why I started and I was a year younger than you when I noticed my sensitivity falling off a cliff.

Feel free to PM me for more info Smile
It might be best to talk to your physician about this. It could be that there is some wear and tear to nerves that naturally stimulate you. This is most common as a side affect of some drugs whether prescribed or hard such as e or k.

If u visit your doctor he may be able to help with use of drugs or a change in diet and exercise.
Anything to do with your private area, go see the doctor. I very recently found a lump high up in my thigh near there. I went to see the doctor and he put me at ease. It might be something normal you have, it might not, best call is to see a medical professional. Oh and don't be embarrassed, doctors see alsorts of things and they don't really care, it's what they are trained for. :-)
It seems that a doctor should see to it. Some of the ideas suggested here were that you might have lost sensitivity due to circumcision. I'm also thinking that being diabetic might also account for a gradual lack of sensitivity, but don't want to get you alarmed. A doctor would know better what the cause of it is. It doesn't sound like it's because you masturbate too much, but more because some nerve endings are no longer responsive. Only medical advice can help. It would be good to see someone who can examine you and can ask you the necessary questions. We don't know you, so there's nothing much we can do but to urge you to see a physician and not be embarrassed by it, because it may be the symptom of something that needs taking caring of.
Does that make sense to you?
Good luck.
I would suggest that you seek medical help asap.
Yes, I am circumcised, but I also have a kind of faux-foreskin because of how incredibly small my penis is. It is almost always "sheathed" when flacid.

I guess I will round up some cash to see the doctor eventually. Not easy when you're poor and can't afford insurance. I wonder if there's even anything that can be done? If a cure of sorts even exists?

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