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Am I oversensitive to dislike hurtful pranks?

I was watching some Youtube videos and there was this prank whereby a person will prank their spouse by giving a pen which will cause electric shock when they try to use the pen. I could see that the spouse was shouting in pain for at least 20 seconds. It must have been physically hurtful.

I am currently a single guy.

I'm not sure, I will feel angry and emotionally hurt if my future partner ever does such a prank which inflicts physical hurt on me.

Please don't take me wrongly. Mild pranks like sprinkling water on the face, fake spider, and tickling are okay for me, but pranks which cause physical hurt and humiliation (especially those cheating on spouse pranks) really offends me.

And it makes me think: Am I oversensitive to dislike hurtful pranks?

Is my dislike for such pranks a red flag in relationships? Like is it common for such pranks to happen in relationships these days? And whether I am not a normal human being to dislike such pranks?

I'm not sure.

Looking forward to your opinions.

Thank you.
I don't think you're over sensitive. I've seen some prank videos on YouTube that I don't find funny at all.
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Electric shock takes that prank, and makes it into a gross irresponsibility, and into disrespect. You are absolutely right to think of such a prank as being far too far on the side of the unreasonable. I used to think of exploding cigars (yes, I really am that old) as fun when I was aged in a single figure, but I know realise that it was no prank...a person could've lost the use of an eye, with those things.
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Thank you for your replies friends.

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