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Am I ready...are we he?
How do you know if you are ready for the next step? How do you know if he is?

We've been going out for 2 months and we are not exclusive. We had about 11 or 12 dates. I feel that I am ready to make the next step, but is it the right time?

I was going to talk to him abou it after his birthday. My only concern is if he wants to take the next step or if he is ready for it. If you looked my previous rants/treads/post you will understand more I think.

He is suppose to meet my sis today but something happen to his father. I wad worried about him meeting my sis because, I feel like it's a big step. When I told him about he seem fine with it, he just said it's like meeting a new person.

So what should I do? And if I do ask should i goabout telling him?
is he still using Grinder?

Is he really attentive to only you when you are on a date?
Who text calls first after before a date; him or you
Has he been dating other people less

if you two are getting closer... than do something about it.
Best thing to do is go with the flow ofd things and it will naturally come closer... I know with me i dont do dates usually as i find them sort of an excuse to get laid.... I know when i like someone i kinda do the flirty bit and if its love for me or lust i just cant say goodbye
He is attentive on dates and when we are just hangingout. Through texting he sometimes is attentive. He's a manger at a retail store, so it's hard for him to talk, after work we do talk for a bit. We talk better in person. I have grown to hate texting.

About the grindr not sure I delted mine, but I would say that it is a possibilty. I do not think he is on it like other guys, but again I am not 100% certain. Well now I think he does still go on. He added a new friend to facebook. He doesn't always add ppl but I feel like he does like once a month so. Don't know if these new friends are fbuds or just friends or a new guy he rather talk to or just another guy he is dating. I want to become exclusive with him but since I asked him before but very early In the relationship.

As for who texts/calls 1st I think me more but if he has a day off. I always wake up with a text from him.

I feel like it is going good, and I'm trying to go with the flow. He does make fun of me but not in a mean way, more like teasing. I think it's cute. Lol

as fir him dating other guys, idk if he had seen other guys. It doesn't seem like it but I could be wrong, I don't sense it.

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