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Am I the only one here who can't chew vegetables?
Like. I chew. I chew and I chew.

Mind you I never really ate veggies as a kid.

But yeah, I chew, and chew, forever, and I end up with these dry-ass balls of vegetable crap in my mouth, and I feel like Imma throw if I get it down my throat. IDKY.

Can you swallow your veggies? Imu2
Best veggies are generally in a liquid form from V8 or SunRype.
Honest... I have no idea what to say. about 90% of the veggies I eat are raw and that's about 90% of my diet... and I never have a problem... Maybe talk to a dentist... or find a chewing therapist... I bet there actually is such a thing if you google it. LOL!
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I don't have problem chewing and swallowing my veg....

You said you end up with 'dry ass balls'... (truncated for humor) I have to wonder if you are generating sufficent saliva in order to go through the process of masticating fiber into something more digestible.

And it appears you are doing a lot of chewing... I wonder what that is about. Are you missing molars (back teeth) designed for grinding and pulverizing vegetable matter?

Also there are various conditions with the jaw and jaw joint that leads to an inability for the molars to actually do their job efficiently, thus leading to more chewing motion.

IDK talk to a doctor if any of this sounds likely.
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It sounds like those veggies need to be prepared in a different manner. How are they done now?
My favorite after raw is roasted in a hot oven until they begin to brown and caramelize. A little olive oil and spices. Crispy tender. Grated parmesan. mmmmm
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Does this happen with anything else? I mean, if you have no trouble chewing other foods, is this just an aversion to vegetables?

If so, our 3 year old sends you a big HIGH 5 lol -

But seriously - if it's just a problem with veggies, juices like V-8 give you a lot of the same nutrition.
This happens to me all the time !!!!! Especially when I forget to put my false teeth in <fleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee>
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Yeah like, I can chew anything else. In fact, when I eat raisins it's kind of the same. I end up with these tough little bits near the back of my throat, but I can swallow them with zero hesitation. Yet when it comes to carrots and peas, not to mention celery, the worst for this, I just can't.

I assume it's most likely just because I hate them. They were raw anyways. Maybe I'll try some veggie juice.
I'm diabetic type two all my meal has to be balanced, so yes I do eat a lot of veggies... cook them well and you shouldn't have any problem swallowing them.

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