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Amanda Todds.
Submitted By J0EY Of Tumblr Bullying Website.

"Before I submit, this is not my story, this is the story of Amanda Todd, and I feel like it should be shared, if it hasn’t already, I’ve been hearing a lot about it lately. So here goes:

This girl, her name is Amanda Todd.
She posted a video on YouTube a few days ago.
She was bullied so bad it led to suicide…

She was in a webcam chat group to meet up with new and old people.
They started calling her Beautiful, Stunning, cute, Etc.
And then they asked her to flash…
So she did…..
Thinking it was nothing…
A year went by and some guy she did not know, messaged her saying
… ”Give me a ‘show’ or I will send your boobs.”
She ignored it…..
Christmas Break came and a knock came on her door at 4 AM.
It was the police…
That person sent the picture to EVERYONE.
Everyone judged her.
Bullied her.
She ended up switching schools.
That person found out her school, friends, address once again and sent them there too.
She had no one.
Everyone hated her.
She ended up switching towns.
Then at this new school….She met this boy who she thought liked her.
He didn’t….he had a girlfriend.
One day she got a note saying you better leave school.
She didn’t.
A group of boys and girls including that boy, the girlfriend and more came up to her while the school surrounded her.
The girl said “Look around, No one likes you.”
One kid from the group said “JUST PUNCH HER ALREADY!” So she did, and Amanda got beat really bad.
And got left.
And her dad ended up finding her in a ditch hours later.
She went home and drank bleach, to try to kill herself.
It didn’t work.
The next day all over her Facebook page was written
“Drink some more bleach”,
“No one cares”,
“I hope she dies, “No one would cry”, “Everyone hates you”, “Amanda try it again we dare you”…and so much more.
She cried every night. Why did everyone hate her.
One mistake.
She started cutting so much and did drugs,and drank alcohol.
She ended up trying to kill herself again.
She failed.
She couldn’t take it anymore.
At the end of the video it said ”I am Amanda Todd. I just need someone.” October 10th she hung herself.
She is dead. Rest in paradise, Amanda. You’re beautiful. I will find a way to help stop bullying. I will share your story.
Heaven gained an angel. ♥
Don’t let bullying get you down, it’s not worth things like this. <3"

We all make mistakes, We are all human. Please can you guys all take a moment to remember, Amanda Todds. Because she deserves it.
This is disturbing. I don't even know what to say.

My prayers to her family and loved ones. Humans can be so disgusting.
i really , really hate people sometimes >____<

wow , i just watched the youtube video . some of the comments people have posted are just sick .
there are loads of "she deserved it" comments >___<

she made a mistake and she was sorry . no one deserves what she went through >____<
Agreed :/ I've never felt such hate towards a bunch of people, but those people that did this to her.... Just cuts so deep :/ Why isn't bullying a crime? -.-
There will always be people who take opportunity to drive people on the edge just for sake of lols. And its sad.
Bullying will always be there. She needed to reach out to someone or someone reach out to her when it started so it doesn't escalate. But none of these happened and that's really the unfortunate part...

RIP Amanda
Awe. Nobody should have to feel like she did. Lots of teens do things they aren't proud of, but the torture she went through was sick. Why don't people care anymore?
Gay is happiness
This needs to be remembered when we laugh at jokes that really ARE funny but using making fun of people because of who they are as the basis for the laugh. It's a multi-billion dollar industry in this world and many of us are a part of the funding. Sad...but true. I know because it includes me.

BE the change you want to see.
Heart  Life's too short to miss an opportunity to show your love and affection!  Heart
For those wondering where the adults were I'm remembering Tempest Smith. Though the bullying wasn't this cruel (I don't recall any actual violence, for example) it was still horrible, and her diary revealed the teachers saw it and did nothing, which was found after she hung herself.

The amazing and somewhat hopeful thing to me was when she killed herself the kids felt extreme guilt making memorials for her that expressed regret for what they'd done. And the reaction of the school faculty? To try to make the kids feel less guilty "because it served no useful purpose." (Though I'm sure if it had been Wiccans bullying a Christian to suicide then their feelings would've been very different...but then that would've never been tolerated in the first place.) They not only told the kids in an assembly they weren't to blame (and didn't accept blame themselves for watching it happen while doing nothing) but in their cluelessness appealed to the public to make the kids feel better. I don't know how many kids the adults convinced but plenty of her tormentors helped the victim's mom in suing the school and I think in helping with the foundation having sworn to never bully again or let others do so.

Just goes to show that sometimes kids really do have a better grasp of right & wrong than adults (and that Christianity doesn't make people good).
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