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American Elections
Has anyone been following? The democrats claim to be on the side of gays and gay rights but they flip flop on EVERY issue!
Yeah.. they ll just say things to get the gay vote and forget about it when they are elected. I am not following the elections but i ve read something on the net. Who are the candidates, is Hilary Clinton running for president?

Time spent being less than happy is time waistedWavey



she is ... and she is flip flopping more than any of them

I'm very middle of the road ... economically Republican ... socially Democrat I guess ... but really I'm just me

I wish America could let go of the Republican/Democrat thing and start getting to the heart of the matter

EVERY matter

and I won't even start on the war stuff

country is a mess but still a great place to live
Not that it matters but i think there was a rumor that her daughter was a bit gay and they didnt like it!

Seems like Hilary Clinton has the public sympathy/support for the way she stood for her cheating husband, the first woman to be president , feminists like Maya Agelou praise her and so on. She might win aye?

Now they also are asking for early election in Britain but Gordon Brown flip flops like you say. haha Bloody politics thats why i avoid talking politics i get too passionateRolleyes

Time spent being less than happy is time waistedWavey



She won't survive in the first place - America is not ready for a woman president

We are barely electing women/gays/etc etc etc to any post in government

But the flip flop is a joke

The democrats could run with this election if they would take a stand but they won't and can't because they have no clue what they are talking about.

My money right now is not on Giuliani but someone like him because we are still scared after 9/11

and even he could pull it off - he is blunt and honest and really maybe what we need -- they wall want a figurehead instead

he is very middle and can appeal to most anyone except the religious right
If anything, the last two elections should show you that American Elections are a joke. A very elite group gets to decide who the 'next' order-taking puppet is. All of the frontrunners are beholden to special interest groups and are in the back pocket of corporations. The message will stay the same, and only the face will change.

We're a Republic in name only.
From out outsiders point it view, it looks like two families have the whole thing sown up!

It goes:

G Bush
B Clinton
G W Bush
H Clinton (potentially)
J Bush (potentially)

Also, I noticed that GWB's argument against the Congress at the moment about its role (being to finance only) is the same argument which the pre-reformation Kings and Queen used in Britain against Parliament! And we had a war to sort it out...

Americas democracy needs work, I think!
Indeed, these two families seem to have made politics a family business. They breed presidents and congressmen. 'What you wanna be little boy?' 'US president daddy' 'good boy we all have to start from low'

Time spent being less than happy is time waistedWavey



I figured out years ago that politicians are all crooks its just a question of finding the least crooked one to vote for at this point. That being said, I hope Obama makes it through the primaries, he might actually have some new ideas to bring to the table.
anyone on the Democratic side I'll take except Hillary - a democrat will not win anyway -

on the Republican side .. I still stick by Giuliani .. he's the most open and I watched him hold the city together in time of crisis

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