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Americas pull from Afghanistan.
Anyone been watching this? Absolute insanity. It's all over the news here in the US. I never thought Biden would screw the pooch this hard, and after failing to live up to his campaign promises? This guy needs to be impeached. Everyone here was all for pulling out (haha) of the M.E. and ending the forever-wars, but there needed to be a transition of power. Not just "poof", we're out. We left our allies to be butchered by the Taliban, left our arms for them to use, missiles, Blackhawk choppers, armored vehicles.... everything. Those people are about to be slaughtered wholesale. We straight up broke our promise and abandoned them. No other country will ever trust us again. I'm pretty sure this is the biggest screw up I've ever seen in a modern president. Any of you guys or gals out there keeping up with this debacle?
We spent trillions and the (former) Afghanistan government wasn't even willing to put up a fight. Should we really be fighting another country's civil war when we have so many problems here in the US?
We all agree that it needed to happen, but this was the most irresponsible way possible to do it. We should have lived up to our promises to the Afghan terps, and supporters. We didn't. We should have handed off power to the Afghan Army, We didn't. We should have NOT left countless millions worth of weaponry to the Taliban. We did. There was nothing about this that was well thought out, and now we just re-armed the Taliban and our allies are going to be butchered.

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