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An apology I got from a Christian
Three years ago someone came to preach at people enjoying lesbian slash saying that lesbian love was wrong and God wanted us all to know that. I recall that I didn't find her hateful, just annoying, and she seemed truly concerned for our salvation and repeatedly said she hated homosexuality not homosexuals. At the time I was sick with swine flu and cranky (and the antigay rally near me didn't help either, nor that I visited the lesbian slash that she decided to preach over in order to forget about gay bigots for awhile and yet there she was invading our space uninvited) and so I posted comparing her preaching to spamming us with a chain letter ("read the Bible and wonderful things happen, don't and burn in Hell" is too much like those "share this with 10 people and get your wish, or don't and be cursed" to me).

So she emailed me privately and we exchanged on the topic until I decided she was impervious to logic (she had very circular reasoning, and the fact that I was debating her on whether or not homosexuality was wrong was PROOF that I knew it was wrong, and it was because God said so and so my saying it wasn't evil was proof that God least that's the best I can explain it with, and I just don't want to go back and reread all those), and my recovering from swine flu made me less cranky and ready to return to real life so that I didn't have time for it...but our last private emails were cordial when I politely disengaged her. One of her last emails to me said that she'd pray for me and that one day I'd know the truth of it, repent, and become heterosexual. She claimed she herself had been gay once but knew it was wrong and was straight now.

And then I quickly forgot all about her. I'd recovered from swine flu and real life beckoned again and I had a lot more difficulties back then than I do now. (It was also right before I met my partner whom I'm still with now.)

But apparently she hadn't forgotten me, not even 3 years later. Checking my email (and she sent it 10 hours ago) I got this from her:

Quote:Hey. I know it's been like three years since I posted those comments. I just want to apologize. I was very young and I didn't know what I was saying. I believe now that everyone has the right to have an opinion and share it [Even Christian views], but I also believe that love is love. Two of my best friends are gay, and I couldn't be happier that they've found real love. I still believe in God, but I don't share the thought of homosexuality being wrong anymore. Again, my apologies.

I'm just amazed. That was so nice. And it's also good to see that people who think homosexuality is wrong can change their mind and regret having given people a hard time for being gay. Confusedmile:

I want to say something nice back (and equally short & sweet) besides, "Thanks." Any suggestions?

Part of me wonders if she's still struggling with being gay or bi since she claimed she fell in love (and lust) with another girl once, but I figured if so then it's best to let her deal with that when she's ready rather than my reminding her of it.
Wow, u might as well have stumbled across a unicorn. Never heard of a Christian apologizing for trying to throw their Christianity in someone else's face. Just let her know you appreciate the apology and you find it admirable that she came forward (especially after 3 years) to apologize.
Wow...very admirable indeed. I always admire anyone who can put their hand up and say 'I was wrong, I made a mistake and I am sorry.', whatever the circumstances are, and I don't believe that it is the measure of a good christian, it is a measure of a good person with a decent heart and such actions sould be rewarded with the utmost gratitude you can muster.

I guess if I were in your situation Pix, I too would be lost for words, but I am sure after a day or 2 of thinking, the words would come Wink
I am forever apologizing for my Jesus Freak phase. Confusedhame:
I think that is beautiful! I'm so happy to this happened! Smile
Gay is happiness
Hello, Pix. This (and Obama's reelection) shows that after the hard feelings comes the mellowness and maybe it helps to shift their thinking back to the realities of love and its value to us in the world.

Do people want to live peacefully? Yes, they do. Do they want to embark on war? No, they don't. It looks as if your correspondent has at last had her eyes open (maybe by her Lord??) and come to her senses.

I'd just answer that friendship is also a form of love and that the universal love and peace that Jesus preached seems at last to have found her. Wish her peace and insist on the powers of loving one's neighbour. Maybe she has found it in her heart to love herself, to the point where she CAN actually love someone else the way they should be loved and cared for. I would personally thank her for making the effort to write.

It's not everyone who would admit their mistakes. "Faute avouée, à moitité pardonnée" says the French saying: an admitted mistake is already half forgiven. So she's paved the way for your returning the acceptance. She sounds well-meaning. She's been led astray by some form of thought empeachment that seems rife among the right-winfers.

You, Pix, my dear, could go this other half of forgiving her for the strife (don't tell her so, just think about it in your heart of hearts). By doing so, you'll not only forgive her, but you'll also gain peace of heart by not harbouring any hard feelings (energy wasted, in my book). They often say that God works in mysterious ways. I'd say this was one of them. Good luck with finding the right words.
Btw, thought I'd share that a couple of days ago I sent this as a response:

Quote:Thanks, I know it couldn't have been easy to say that. And I'm glad that you can accept your gay friends for who they are, not who they love, and I hope that you can help your Christian friends to follow your example.

I started off cranky back then because of intolerant antigay Christians giving us a hard time (in addition to my still being sick).  Sorry if I was too harsh. I'm totally ok with Christians ok with me and don't try to make teens feeling horrible for how they were born. Peace <3

Immediately after sending it I kicked myself for not posting it here first and asking for suggestions on how to tweak it and all, but what's done is done. Still, it seems far I haven't gotten a response (and won't be surprised if I don't), but if I do I'll at least share the gist of it (assuming it's not too personal of course).
Just checked my email and got this:

Quote:That's okay. I don't blame you, even I can't stand anti-gay Christians now, and it makes me angry to know that I was like that many years ago, again, I'm sorry. I'll continue to fight for my friends rights, because I know now that yes, they were born that way, and that God loves them no matter what. I hope I get to attend their weddings one day and see their dreams come true Smile God bless you and thank you for accepting my apology Smile

wow, the apology and response were just beautiful. good to see "christians" can change their thoughts and views on what its like to love and what not.
Pix Wrote:Just checked my email and got this:


that is really something. nowadays i find myself avoiding practicing christians or practicing anything of any religion and that just made my day.

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