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Andrew Sachs Vs Jonathan Ross and Russel Brand
Having listened to the incident on YouTube I have to say that, yes, an apology - preferably an official one - was called for, but nothing more.

JR was the person who started the incident but RB, although voluntarily, has taken most of the rap.

The granddaughter is REALLY cashing in on this, she has admitted to sleeping with RB and is milking every minute of it - she sold the story to the papers who have chased the controversy. On the original broadcasting of this incident there were 2 complaints - it was not until the grandaughter pulled it up with the newspapers that this kicked off. Now everyone knows who she is. Can't she just go on Big Brother like everyone else if she wants 5 minuutes of fame.

If this sets a precident on what can and cannot be done on tv and radio people like Chirs Moyles - decent entertainers IMHO, will soon be out of a job.
I can't stand JR or RB.. but like Penny says.. I think just an apology should suffice.

I think Ross has more to lose considering his long term connections with the Beeb. Brand I believe has some new stuff coming soon on Channel 4 anyway, so it wouldn't affect him that much.

And as for her going on Big Brother... that'll probs happen sometime soon now coz of this.. or some reality show anyway!!

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
Hi All,
Talking of big brother dead set is on Wink and ive got another two reviews to do incase u missed an episode u can catch up at Confusedmile:

kind regards

zeon x
zeon Wrote:Hi All,
Can you blame her??? I know i would but i respect andrew sachs for saying i am not looking for revenge.. I am a performer and they are as well we learn and move on.. Its all i want

Kindest regards

zeon x

Well, it certainly doesn't surprise me. For me, Andrew Sachs is the only one who comes out of this with his dignity intact.
I see another controller has left radio 2.

It was Russel Brand that said "I have shagged your grand daughter" as he actually has (according to some reports)


and she only went and sold her story to the Sun, I bet she is laughing all the way to the bank now as she was in a struggling up and coming Burlesque group.

Good for her, not good for her grandfather

I have always thought the whole affair as schoolboy humour.....

You can can hear the head of the BBC make an official apology tomorrow (Saturday 8th) just after the 10am news and just after the 9pm news
To be honest i feel quite relieved with the thought i am never going to turn the tv or radio on and accidently hear any of these two guys voices... I dont like them long before the incident with Sachs their sense of humour to me is stupid. Everyone has a different way to entertain or be entertained but there must be something funnier than them and a few others that call themselves comedians. Pengy

Time spent being less than happy is time waistedWavey



Star Twister Wrote:...It was Russel Brand that said "I have shagged your grand daughter" ...
I thought he was being quite coy until Jonathan Ross called out in the background, "He fucked your grand-daughter".


Well if you think about it, anyone else would of been fired if they did anything like that in their job.

They should be grateful they didn't get fired and only got a suspension. All in all, they over stepped the comedy line with me and I am all for playing on things which are quite touchy.
The incident was blown out of proportion by the media, who are also responsible for generating all but two of the thousands of complaints made, and while the presenters did behave in an inappropriate manner, there was a whole team of people who were meant to vet and regulate their antics.

Ross and Brand behaved very badly, and should indeed have been disciplined (as should other responsible parties), but dismissals and resignations were an overreaction.

It's interesting to note that most celebrities only appear on these shows (as Mr. Sachs had been scheduled to do) to promote an upcoming venture, be it a book, a CD or a tour, and Mr. Sachs has recieved an incredible level of publicity as a result of the scandal. As a result I'm sure that he is profiting greatly as the new public interest generates increased sales for any materials realted to him, and will likely secure him many new job offers, should he choose to take them. This of course, does not excuse Ross or Brand, but it's good to remember that he has not been too badly harmed by the whole affair.

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