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Andy told me to introduce myself
Person66 Wrote:What do you mean by latent? I'm not that old. I thought that meant that you just start liking guys later in life (isn't that the definition of fluidity.

The definition of the word latent is that it is something that is always there but is laying dormant but can develop at any point. Some people their sexuality emerges from latency as they go into puberty, some people earlier, a lot of others later, it isn't something that is dictated by age.

Fluid sexuality to me implies that there is an element of choice, where as latent sexuality implies that it is beyond our control.

I don't believe there is a choice unless there is an external factor like religion that forces one to supress their sexuality.

Maybe we have different perspectives on the meaning of the word, maybe latent and fluid mean the same thing, or imply the same thing, but to me they have entirely different meanings.

But you use what ever definition that you feel fits what you know of yourself Wink
Welcome to GS. I hope you enjoy yourself here. There are tons of good people if you need advice, want to get information on just about any topic, or simply want to talk.
Welcome to Gayspeak Big Grin
Dfiant: you are right in that sexuality is'nt a choice. I think we have different definitions of the word "fluid", I simply meant that as my sexuality changed and therefor is fluid, not that I had a choice in the matter. I firmly believe that you're born with your sexuality intact, or I should say that I now believe that everyone else is born with their sexuality intact and I'm weird enough to be "fluid".
Of course I have the word fluid used to mean you have a choice, but only by conservative right-wingers, and I don't give what they say much weight. Besides they have different meaning for a lot of words like: ethics, morals, and compassionate (need I go on).
Believing I was latent (or dormant) would be so depressing. I can only imagine how much fun I've missed. For example over a year ago I had to visit my relatives in the middle of nowhere California. I was getting bored out of my wits not to mention that my relatives are annoying people. So (much to their chagrin) I simply left for L.A. for a few days and got a great deal on a luxury hotel in West Hollywood by using the Internet. I had lunch with a dear friend (who happened to be gay and in a long term relationship) at this delicious place, where we caught up on old times and even did some star sighting and he later showed me all around West Hollywood, I also went to Disneyland. What I didn't know then was that West Hollywood has the largest concentration of go-go boys in the country! (not that I'm into that sort of depravity :tongueSmile Being unattached at the time, what a lost opportunity for so much fun! I guess there's always next time.
As for everyone else, you've all been so welcoming, thank you so much.
Welcome to GS Xyxwave
Welcome to Gay Speak.

[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Green"]Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Oscar Wilde[/COLOR][/SIZE]

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