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Other other day on chat we discussed some anime and how much I have so I decided to post it
Patlabor 1,2,3
Ghost in the Shell ( also on Bul-Rey)
Ghost in the Shell Innocents ( also on Bul-Rey)
Ghost in the Shell-Stand Alone Complex
Ghost in the Shell-The Laughing Man (which is the S.A.C reduced in a 1hour movie)
Ghost in the Shell-Stand Alone Complex-2ndGIG
Ghost in the Shell-Solid State Society
Appleseed 2004
Appleseed Ex Machina
Armitage Poly Matrix/Dual matrix
Ergo Proxy
Parasite Dolls
Cowboy Bebop The Movie
AD Police
Full Metal Panic The Second Raid
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz
Robotech Shadow Chronicles
Macross Plus
Zone of Enders
Mezzo DSA
Black Lagoon
Black Lagoon The Second Barrage
Generator Gawl
Street Fighter 2V
Darker Than Black
Fell free to this post to discuss any anime you guys want.
I appreciate anime. I consider myself an animation enthusiast, so naturally I appreciate it. Some of you people may not know this and well yeah I am. I've watched many animated things in my lifetime. I have books about 'em. I don't have books about anime. However, I'd like to get one. I want to get a book about the history of anime. That would be a nice addition to my books on my animation.

I would say my favorite anime is Yu Yu Hakusho. I have watched others such as Dragon Ball Z, Sonic X, Naruto and One Piece. To me, they don't compare to Yu Yu Hakusho. It is such an epic anime, in my opinion. The animation is really superb and the story lines are really incredible. It's about ghost hunters and then there's fighting involved. It's kinda like DBZ. However, I think it's waaaaay better than DBZ. I haven't watched Yu Yu Hakusho in a long time.

Ah and what about Pokemon? That counts as an anime too, right? I really liked that one and I watched it with my brother years ago. He doesn't watch it anymore. If he does flip through channels and finds it, he'll watch it. I guess it takes him back to his childhood. By the time Pokemon became a big trend in the U.S., I was in my very late childhood. I probably would have been into it more if I was 8-10 years old at that time.

I can't really say I'm an anime fan these days, I didn't really ease into it. I would say it was just a little phase in my life and that's pretty much it. As for manga, my first exposure to that was at my old workplace (when I worked at this after school program). Jaleel (one of the kids) had a manga of Naruto. I kinda read it and I wasn't that interested in it. Then this year or last year, I saw my friend reading scanned manga on his laptop.
has it been awhile since u watched anime?

you could check out

Ruroni Kenshin

and also the hybrid; Avatar =]

nice collection tho, i been thru most of those Smile
YOu dont have death NOTE!!!!!!!
best anime ever

havent watched it in a longg time

but check out death note for sure
ive seen every episode Tongue
Hijme and Snow

I don't own those but I've see them all
I really like anime, but in recent years my interest in it has gone down. I'm only an occasional watcher now. I do have a lot of favorites though off the top of my head they're :

Blood +
Death Note
Red Garden (My absolute favorite)
Angel Beats!
Sailor Moon
The Big O

I have a lot more, I'm a bit of a nerd. >_>

I've watched most of the others already listed, I really like YYH too but it's not something I would rewatch like my other favorites. Has anyone seen High School of the Dead? I started watching it recently and despite the almost overdone fanservice, it's pretty good.
I love anime ^_^

my favourite has to be One Piece

I'v watched loads, and quite lazy to list them D: so i'll write my favourites..

Death Note
I've never watched much anime.
I'm sure i'd love some of the animes out there.
But i just don't want to become more....nerdy?:tongue:

I have seen:
The Big O(Liked)
Outlaw Star(Unusual, interesting)
Tenchi Muiyo(SP?)(Unusual)
Neon Genesis Evangelion.(I liked it, it was pretty dark)
One Piece(Never really got into it....)
Dragon Ball Z(Chilldish, but i grew up with it, stopped wwatching when i was 12)
Dragon Ball GT(Just, plain, weird. Did not like)
Pokemon(Was cool, just dropped in quality overtime IMO)

I don't watch any anime anymore.
I'm just not that interested....
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
GitS is my fav anime
but Black Lagoon is a close second, if Tarantino made a anime it would be Black Lagoon.


I also like animes, don't get the time to watch many now. I have seen a Ghost in a Shell, not sure which one, also Final Fantasy VII I believe. And the film Skycrawlers, plus the Ghibli studio films. Not forgetting Appleseed 1 & 2.

Will catch up on some more over the xmas break.

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