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Another Irish Joke
Paddy comes home one afternoon and says to his wife "Sure, and the doctor told me t' bring back a specimen. What the fook's that, do you suppose?"

"Oi wouldn't know, to be sure," she replies.

"Oi think I'll go and ask Michael."

"Ah, no, Paddy," she says. "You can't. Whenever you go to see Michael y' always get into a foit with him."

"Sure and oi'm not gonna get into a foit. I just want t' ask 'im," says Paddy, and off he goes.

An hour later Paddy comes back with a black eye, a bloody nose and a torn shirt.

"See," says the Mrs. "Oi told ya! What happened?"

"Well," replies Paddy, "Oi knocks on Michael's door. When he answers it oi says 'Hello, Michael. What's a specimen?'. 'Piss in a bottle," he says. 'SHIT IN YER HAT', says oi, and it was on."
the joys of irish humour lol... I can see where they r coming with that Smile xx
LOL, good one. Got any more?
lol, nice, thats pretty funny

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