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Another Téchiné. This should be interesting.
I believe I started a thread or posted something about a recent André Téchiné film called Being 17. Quand On A 17 Ans, in the original version. André Téchiné's films often have a gay theme or a gay interest.

This one should be interesting in some respects. Téchiné likes the human relationship as a subject of drama.
The title of this one evokes the 1920s, the Roaring Twenties as they were known, in French : Les Années Folles (ie the crazy or mad years) but there is a play on words with the same 'folle' as the Cage Aux Folles , the Birdcage (ie epheminate gay people in a nightclub). So this might be a cross both of period and crazy, and roaring gayness. I don't know, as I have not read anything about this film yet.

[Image: cannes-2017%2BT%25C3%25A9chin%25C3%25A9.jpg]

Let's keep an eye on its release.

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