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Answer with an animal
Simple. question - answer with an animal.

Whats your boss like?
I havent got an employer ive ever seen seeing as im caring for one person… i cant even remember the name of the company i work for lol

Though ive had about 20 jobs… all manners of beasts

When i worked cleaning a bingo hall my boss was a jack russel… small but with a loud bark!
A beautiful lion on the Serengeti...

(I work for myself Smile)
747XL29 Wrote:A beautiful lion on the Serengeti...

(I work for myself Smile)


Can i come work for you !!!
You would feel shortchanged when you found out I was really a cranky old hyena Smile
A beautiful butterfly. And I am not just saying that because I am paranoid that she could somehow trace this account back to me and read my comments on her.

Just kidding. She actually is really nice. But she's leaving in less than a week for a new position! So...she's a butterfly getting her wings.
Jackass--Thats unless i get a raise
Worm.... ..................
Since I have no job at the moment, my previous boss was a

Black Mamba

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