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Anti-gay pastor's ministry

The above story just saddens me. The hypocrites also upset me greatly. How can anyone who purports to offer a message of peace and love be so vengeful and hateful? How can anyone live with such contradiction in their head?

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Sad I also don't get how people can donate all this money to fight gay marriage when there are so many people who need help and donating to those groups would be so much more in line with the spirit of Christ.
Rich people dont have much sense lol!!!

They buy cars that cost £100,000 so sending money on a something like this is small change lol!!
It's hard to go against a religious figure. When you're taught from a young age that deviance means eternal damnation, it just becomes second nature to go along with whatever they say. After all, you don't want to go to hell do you? Then be a good boy and don't be gay.


I agree it's very hypocritical. But debating religion is always a circular logic loop that they rationalize everything away with by quoting passages from the bible or about having faith.

Not that I mean to insult anyone's choice of religion, I just mean a lot of folks are simply blind about it.
I have sat through years of religious ceremonies and for me the common thread seems to be a manipulation of language and ideas. Meaning is always just out of reach so one exercises a hope that the words of the preacher make sense and a trust that they have something worthwhile to impart. A friend of mine was recently ordained in a local Church of England cathedral and for two hours I sat in the congregation aghast that I was expected to believe that the words being used throughout the whole service were assumed to impart meaning. In fact words were used for the very opposite of imparting meaning. Rather they were used to obscure meaning and somehow create an atmosphere of awe. I assume some people are happy to allow themselves to be led along those paths, but I fail to see anything worthy or worthwhile in it.

The video in Colin's link shows an example of what can happen when this kind of "mysticism" is mixed with emotive rhetoric, emotional manipulation and is taken to extremes. I found it heartbreaking. The preacher stirs up hysteria through a completely nonsensical line in rhetoric, a bullying demeanour and cynically arranged music. It's quite a performance.

So, who is "possessed by demons"? The ones collapsed in a heap, rocking, crying, screaming, trembling and shouting abusive nonsense would appear to be more in need of help than me. On the contrary my homosexuality has led me into a beautiful, loving, caring, peaceful, respectful, mutually supportive relationship.

I don't need some cold-eyed manipulative preacher to tell me who I am.
I can smell BS a mile away in a rain storm. This guy is nothing more than a third-rate con man. He probably wanted these boys to come forward so he could determine which ones he wanted to go to bed with. Got to give him an A+ for originality. Maybe a time will come when people will see through this insanity, but I doubt it.
The biggest gripe that I have is that churches can spew forth this venomous form of hatred and affect politics at every level, yet they avoid taxation. When are we going to wake up and apply some common sense? TAX THE CHRUCHES! If you are going to affect my life in every way possible then you should at least pay taxes just as I do, just as my employer does and just like everyone else does. NO MORE FREE RIDES FOR RELIGIOUS CULTS!

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