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Any Instrumentalists/Vocalists?
I played trombone all through school, starting in 6th grade, was in the school's Wind Ensemble in Junior High (Bass/2nd chair) and spent two years in my High School's lower Symphony (1st chair), and two years in the upper (3rd/2nd). During this time I also was required to perform in Marching Band (which was an absolute blast and one of the things I miss most to this day about High School). I led the section my last two years. And my last two years I was also in the Jazz Band (3rd/1st chairs), which was waaaay fun (I LOOOVE jazz).

Since then I've dabbled off and on with the trombone and tried learning bass, unfortunately I'm rather out of practice, but I'd love to get in an ensemble again. Recently I've taken a few music classes and they make me want to join a choir really badly (I've got a pretty solid bass voice). Anyone else here play some music? What instrument[s]?
That's interesting Smile

I used to play the keyboard (organ) since I was 7. Then I stopped during the 5 years of university and out of practice too.

Wanna get back to it, but I have to get over with the military service first, so no playing music for me before April 2013 hehe
I've sung and played the piano since I was 5 but I started to study music at 16 when I got in a music high school. I studied pop/jazz singing for a year but it didn't interest me that much so I switched to classical. My first teacher was a Japanese soprano who taught very little technique but her song choices were extremely difficult. I thought it was impossible for me to learn anything, she thought I was lazy. She also couldn't understand what my voice type would be, which I kinda understand, because I have veeery low notes, but the color of my voice is more of a tenor.

After high school I got in a conservatory and graduated from there in the spring 2010. In the conservatory I think I learned the most so far. I understood how to practice, when to practice, how to study, what to study, the importance of being in shape, the phonetics of languages..everything fell to place. My teacher there understood the level I was at and the things in my technique that were a bit off. It took a long time to fix the "wrongs" of my high school years. But we did it! We're still friends with my ex-teacher, we call each other sometimes. (And about the voice type issue: with her I found the bass-baritone in me)

After that I started to study classical voice teaching but since teaching isn't really my thing (at least not now, who knows what I'll be doing 20 years from now) I applied to an university in Helsinki to study music performance. I've been here for a few months now and I'm thinking about applying to study abroad, maybe Germany.

Thank you DerJack for making this topic! I hope we discover other (semi-)professional musicians here. Smile
Used to play the violin when I was younger, but as I grew older I fell out of love with it, it wasn't as exciting as martial arts so eventually I packed it in. Shame really.
I played violin - well actually I just fiddle around.

I started off as a kid - oh around age 9 on and off. By the time I was shipped back to my father at nearly 15 years of age I had missed out on lots of formal training. My mother wouldn't let me play the instrument more often than not - so I didn't get a lot of practice in except at school between 11-14.

My Father, unlike my mother, is the one who wanted me to play the instrument. Thus once I was shipped back to him he insisted I make up for the 3 years I was not playing at my mothers.

In Kentucky I learned 'bluegrass' style. (See video of what bluegrass style is like).

We went to shindigs and hoedowns, hoodang, hootenannies and other various get-togethers Wink where I would play with the 'band'.

In high school my music teacher was a ______________. She said I had the form, the fingering, the precision to be a great classical violinist, if only I didn't play like a machine with all the feeling and warmth of a January freeze. I had the knowledge, just not the heart for the music.

By the time I hit seminary I had pretty much put the instrument away. I did "street performance" - you know, playing in order to beg, standing there with the open violin case on the ground in front of you hoping that people walking by will stop and stand a spell and then pay you a few coins for your music more than once in order to raise a few extra dollars. I played for 'fun' never pursuing any more formal training.

I no longer have the calluses on my left fingers from the strings. I doubt I could play as 'wild' as I did back 20+ years ago. Vibrato most likely would hurt - a lot.

On top of it I had my left ulnar nerve transposed (moved) about 5 years ago, my left hand is partially in permanent "Benediction mode". Aka Ulnar Claw. I am told that the sensations in my left arm are my the signals of my nerve dying....

[Image: 800px-Ulnar_claw_hand.JPG]

I tried to play about 6-8 months ago - my left hand just didn't want to comply...

<---<< >>--->

[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
I have always been a singer.

When I started my musical training I wanted to start off playing the sax, but I was a poor kid and didn't have the money for one. So the school offered too let me play a borrowed clarinet until I was able to get a sax (as the were the closest in simularity). I played the clarinet for about 4 years and then my new school gave me the option of being in choir. I choose choir over band, I love(d) to sing.

I was in choir throughout all my years in school.

When I moved to Idaho, I was still very activly involved with choir and added acting/theater and musical theater to my performance portfolio. Those years were some of the best years in my life!

I want to get involved with a local musical theater, but havnt sumaged up the courage yet to go audition, espessially with being without training for 6 years now.
I'm a violist and this will be the tenth year that I have been playing. I currently study and am also taking lessons in piano, guitar, and soon to be voice as well which I'm really excited about. I've played in symphonies and various ensembles, but I have to admit, I've always wanted to sing in a choir. I'm thinking about possibly trying to write a few songs for some friends and myself and would be interested to hear from someone who has written songs before! I have about 2 years of intensive theory training under my belt, but I never know where to start.
Many of you already know this, but I play the French horn, and am currently in the process of auditioning to play full time in a professional orchestra somewhere. I've performed with many orchestras throughout the US and Canada, and as I write this I'm in the hotel room that an orchestra in Florida got me for the week that I am playing with them. I started playing horn when I was 7, and on average I practice 2-3 hours a day on my own, not counting the average of 5 hours a day I'm in orchestra rehearsal. My favorite composer is Gustav Mahler. Check out his 8th symphony if you want your mind permanently blown. 1000 musicians performing fantastic music in tandem is truly a spectacle to behold, and since I was 13 I had no doubt that this was what I was destined to do with my life.

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