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Any Tokyo/Japanese Members?
SO and self are heading to Tokyo in July for 10 days.

We have been a few times before, but I wondered if there are any forum members from Tokyo or Japan here?

Looking for some interesting places to go with our Bullet Train passes:biggrin:

totally depends what sort of stuff you like to do

shibuya is awesome if you like fashion and shopping. also has a pretty good nightlife

akihabara is cool for computer stuff / anime and manga / etc

roppongi is where lots of foreign people seem to go. gets a bit busy but there are lots of good bars / clubs there

if you want to do some touristy sight-seeing stuff, then i'd recommend going down to kyoto ... although there's cool places all over japan
We will be staying in Ikebukuro, and Akihabara is always on our list Smile he's a gamer nut (big time lol)

Kyoto and Hiroshima are on our list this time around.
We have done Mt Fuji, but never the 2 day trek, so may add that to our list.
I like the sound of Sibuya, so we'll add that as well Smile

Any recommendations for somewhere in the North of the island?

I enjoyed Mt. Fuji (smoked a doobie on the top, that long ago) and Kyoto (beautiful), I have been twice, for a month at a time long, long ago. Always hoped to get back for a visit. Very different place for a gaijin.
Wha, only 10 days? But I envy you! *___*
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