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Any WW2 RAF experts?
I wanted to know if any of you you guys could tell me. In a unit of Spitfires did all the aircraft have to be the exact same type or would there be a mix of aircraft. Say one unit with MK1's and MK2's and then another unit with MK5's, MK6's, and MK8's and then another unit with a mix of Griffon powered variants. I can find the answer anywhere. I know with AFV's there was definitely a mix and still is in some units.
I guess it depends on when the aircraft were manufactured, in ww2 in the UK we just wanted to get as many aircraft make as possible. I think they Upgraded aircraft as they came available and they also did field upgrades.
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So how far could the gap be? A Mk.I and a Mk.XIV are very different aircraft performance wise, surely they would never get used together? or would they?

Are you saying that the older models would be retrofitted with upgrades to the new standards whenever possible? I know many Mk.I's were upgraded to the Mk.V standard

I was just wondering did griffon and merlin powered models serve in the same units?
mk1s were on used for the battle of Britan then I think they were reofitted to mk3b or something likew that.

griffon engined ones were in service I think from 1945 to 1952.
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I'll have a read up and see what I can find.
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